How Franchising Works


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Business Format Franchising

Franchising is the most successful class of business model in most of the western world, responsible for a multi-billion turnover annually and the catalyst for business growth across all sectors. It is not hard to understand how that growth occurred when you consider how simple and efficient the franchising concept is.

The type of franchising that has been adopted by The Folding Sliding Door Company is ‘Business Format Franchising’
The Folding Sliding Door Company offer a sales type opportunity to be a franchisee as a sales branch with showroom, support and installation facility.

Plug into a Proven System

Business Format Franchising has been described as an agreement whereby a franchisor develops a unique or individual manner of doing business and permits the franchisee to use that system in a controlled fashion.

Franchising provides the opportunity for Franchisees to ‘plug into’ the proven system, the goodwill and the reputation of the franchisor. A Franchisee is an independent business person who is given the right to use the franchisor’s formula, systems and know-how to create their own success.

Sharing Resources and Experience

Franchisees are in business for themselves but not by themselves.

Franchising works because it combines the resources, commitment and initiative of the franchisee with the franchisor’s proven system, management expertise and experience.

Franchising is an ongoing business relationship where the franchisor not only provides the name and formula of the business, but also offers training and support over a range of issues from sales and marketing to workflow management and customer service.