What Makes Us Unique?




We simply cannot wait to show you!

Our team is very proud of our systems that have helped The Folding Sliding Door Company achieve massive success and dominate market shares in the folding patio door sector.

We want to show you how we’ve taken the biggest problems in the industry HEAD ON and solved them.

Marketing brings us the customers – and we’ve got that covered. Our instantly recognizable logo and our regular social networking has helped us quickly build awareness around our friendly, trusted brand personality.

The simple and attractive website brings continual marketing that can be pointed at any area – we just have to turn on the switches. Tap into years of graphic design work for marketing collateral by our in house design and marketing team when it is time to advertise.

No doubt you’ve heard the other opportunities going on about their marketing – and not much else. We believe this is a common mistake in our industry – an over focus on marketing and an under focus on running a great business. Repeat customers and great reputation are GOLD – we get the balance right by establishing simple and effective systems that will work for you.