Do You Have What it Takes?


A strong candidate for a Folding Sliding Door Company Franchise will understand this is not a “buy your job” or “food outlet” sized franchise.

These businesses can turn over anywhere from 3 to 10 million per year and bring in impressive profits – profits that can change your lifestyle. With the big money come big challenges – always volatile, the building industry never disappoints.

As a Professional looking for the next step, you will be willing to invest some of your financial reserves and set aside some operating capital. You recognize both the opportunity and the challenge – the picture is clear and you are ready and you have what it takes.

The Folding Sliding Door Company 8-Step Franchisee Selection Process

01 Phone Interview

Now you have reviewed our info pack, our website and possibly experienced our business first hand. It is time to chat with our team over the phone. This gives us a chance to assess your suitability as a FSDC franchisee. The telephone interview will also give you an opportunity to have your initial questions answered.

02 First Interview

It is time to explore little more about each other and know a bit better. You and your partner (if applicable) will be required to attend a face-to face interview. In this interview, you will receive informal yet comprehensive introduction to the FSDC franchise system.

03 Application Process

At this point we’ve met, approve of each other and you wish to proceed so it is time to start the application process. First, you will be asked to complete the Application Form. After review of your Application, we will ask you to pay a deposit of $3000 + tax, which will go towards the costs of preparation of franchise and disclosure documents.

Your deposit is returned to you should your application be deemed unsuitable or you withdraw your application before disclosure documents are prepared. If document work has been started, a nominal amount is retained to cover costs.

04 Discovery Day

Congratulations! Your application has been approved. FSDC sees you as a suitable franchisee and as such has approved your application. 

It is now important that you have an opportunity to see for yourself the day-to-day operations of a FSDC franchise. 

You are welcome to spend as much time as required with our team so you can see first hand how we operate in the FSDC business.

05 Due Diligence

So far, you’ve been approved and spent some time with the FSDC team. At this stage you will be issued with Disclosure Documents that include Franchise Documents and Franchise Code of Conduct.

You will be spending a bit of time reading and understanding the agreements, as well as setting up meeting time(s) with your advisors and attending those meetings. We encourage you to take steps as necessary to understand the agreement – it is in everyone’s best interest that you do so.

06 Final Interview

By now you’ve read the agreement, met with your advisors and have gained a good understanding of the agreement.

You are 98% satisfied with the agreement and intend to proceed. 

This meeting provides both of us a chance to go through our final questions and prepare for the final stages!

We may also begin to formulate some basic plans around your franchise launch and the requisite tasks. Exciting!

07 Execution of Agreements

In this stage, the agreement is fine-tuned and prepared for signing. Our respective solicitors complete much of the work. Depending on time constraints, this may take up to 3 weeks to prepare.

Once the agreements are prepared, they can be sent to you, to your lawyer or to our office for execution (signing).

08 Training

Welcome to the Team! You are now proud owner of your FSDC franchise. It is time to start your formal training. Initially, we would expect you to spend about 2 weeks in the FSDC franchise office where you will be alternating between

1. working side by side with the team and

2. completing the training material.

After this, we move to on-site training where we incorporate on-site training into the typical franchise setup activities over the first 3 months.