Learning to Run a Folding Sliding Door Company Franchise

To become a successful Franchisee, you need to take on board everything we’ve learned in over 15 years of success.

That is why our training program is an ongoing process and not delivered in a one off event.

The Folding Sliding Door Company's training begins during the recruitment phase, where you will have an opportunity to spend a couple of days at one of our factories.

During this time you will have the opportunity to explore The Folding Sliding Door Company opportunity, have a look inside the “system” that supports the operation and success of The Folding Sliding Door Company .

You will have the opportunity to spend a day in the life of a Folding Sliding Door Company franchisee.

If you are successful in our recruitment selection process, your full training will begin soon after you sign up for your new franchise. During your training, we will support you in the launch of your business and will assist you with getting your franchise up and running.

The Folding Sliding Door Company offers ongoing training and support to help franchisees in the day to day operation and long term development of their business. Our training will consist of a mix of in-office, virtual and onsite training.

The Learning Curve

In our training, you will learn all about our roles in a Folding Sliding Door Company franchise. When we say every role, we mean every role because (in the beginning) you may be wearing a few hats in your business.

Of course the support we offer doesn’t end with the training. A team member from Head Office is always on hand to give you advice and support either over the phone or right on your computer screen.

Regular franchise meetings and conference calls keep you up to date with what’s going on and in touch with the team. As a successful franchisee you will also have the ability to influence the development of our brand.

Your Success is Our Success! Therefore, The Folding Sliding Door Company will support you and mentor you as much as we can to help you maximise your potential in your business.