The Folding Sliding Door Company System and Resources

One of the key advantages of The Folding Sliding Door Company business system is in the simple operation offered to franchisees.

When we created our systems, the goal was to lower the level of skill required in each role in the business.

The advantage to our franchisees, is that they have the ability to operate their business smoothly whether or not they are able to secure experience staff.

They further benefit through increased profitability because lower qualified people cost less to employ.

The Folding Sliding Door Company systems are easy to implement and include guidance across all areas including:

  • Marketing, sales and quoting

  • Estimating and procurement

  • Workflow and Installer management

  • Human resources and recruitment

  • Strategic development



Our business systems are documented in comprehensive franchise manuals and documents specifically designed for The Folding Sliding Door Company .

The Folding Sliding Door Company system is made available to you via our Online Intranet designed specifically for you.

Inside The Folding Sliding Door Company Intranet you will find all the tools resources and documents you will need in all areas of business including:

  • Project Management

  • Sales

  • Training

  • Franchise operations

  • HR

  • Designs

  • Web & IT

Basic Systems 

Some of the most important systems are the least impressive. We will help you establish an office schedule where weekly meetings and reports are timed to create good communication within your operation.

As we ‘grew’ our systems, we often started with an “Excel based” system and then rolled these systems over into our software we have today. These systems are available for use within your operation as a backup and/or development tool. 

Software Systems

Our philosophy towards software has always been to “develop the best” and this is why we have our very own IT and software development in house.  

This approach gives us the flexibility to develop new software systems that will be a benefit to our operations. 

We also believe that software works for us, not the other way around. You will soon see how these “sharp” tools have been optimized at The Folding Sliding Door Company so that you always know exactly what is happening in your operation.