What’s Involved?


If you talk to any successful franchisee, it’s becomes quite clear that there is a lot for you to gain by joining a proven and solid system.

Here’s a preview of some of what is involved.

  • You are looking to make a 5-year commitment

  • You expect to work hard. The Folding Sliding Door Company will give you an opportunity to build and grow a lifestyle enhancing, sustainable business, however, it will take you    nothing but hard work (especially in the first 3 -12 months)

  • You are able to make a significant investment

  • You understand and have experience in the door and window industry

  • You understand the highly volatile nature of the fenestration industry, the challenges this represents and the premium returns that come with meeting these challenges

  • You will commit yourself full-time to the business rather than being an absentee investor

  • You have had a successful career or business in the fenestration industry

  • You already have goal setting habits that helped you get where you are

  • You will be prepared to do whatever it takes to build your Folding Sliding Door Company Franchise

  • You are enthusiastic about your future and take a hands-on approach to creating success for yourself

  • You are a flexible thinker who is open to new ideas in a spirit of constant improvement 

  • You aspire to become a quality provider and leader within a community of quality outlets operating under a quality name.




Whilst The Folding Sliding Door Company operation is successful, the start of any new business is a risk and success is not guaranteed. The success of your Folding Sliding Door Company franchisee will depend on many factors not the least of which will be the franchisees commitment and ability in key areas.

As a Folding Sliding Door Company Franchisee some of the things you will be expected to do and/or required to do:

  • Complete the comprehensive training program designed to provide the knowledge and training that will enable you operate your business and maximise its profitability

  • Respond to customers’ requests and enquiries in a timely manner

  • Meet the financial targets and expectations set by The Folding Sliding Door Company

  • Follow the set routines for the efficient smooth operation of the business outlined in “The Folding Sliding Door Company System” for the successful management and operation of your franchise

  • Employ, train and organise staff and sub-contractors

  • Manage your customers, their requests, the jobs, your workday and your staff

  • Organise and participate in team meetings

  • Communicate regularly with the franchisor and or the franchise business manager

  • Adhere to the reporting obligations set by the franchisor

  • Be responsible for the ongoing local marketing and development your franchise. Finance local advertising

  • Attend the required training and ongoing development meetings

  • Make a commitment to act (even if only in some small way) on feedback, inspections and reviews

  • Enjoy what you are doing, and be committed to the overall philosophy and vision of The Folding Sliding Door Company