Building the Foundations of Success

Successful businesses achieve success if they are built upon solid yet flexible foundations – flexible enough to change and grow as the market demands.

The Folding Sliding Door Company has grown and moved with the changing times and has built a solid and successful business system.

When you open your own Folding Sliding Door Company Franchise, you can count on a number of special ingredients that have made us what we are today.



The Folding Sliding Door Company head office team will work with you to establish your very own Folding Sliding Door Company business, and will provide you every opportunity for success, providing you follow the system that has created the success for us so far.

Our brand and your individual franchise is backed up every step of the way with our experience and knowledge in operations, marketing, training, our designs, and passion for manufacturing quality doors.

We expect all franchisees to operate their business efficiently and professionally, while providing outstanding customer satisfaction, value for money and excellent quality folding patio doors.

If you are looking to establish a business built on strong foundations, then owning a Folding Sliding Door Company Franchise could be right for you.